IGOR YEGNON, Commercial Director of MTN CAMEROON explains the reasons for these awards given to their distributor partners throughout the national triangle.

1. What justifies the holding of this GIGA PROMO?

At MTN Cameroon, we have a culture of excellence and we support our distributors on a daily basis to enable them to give the best of themselves.

2. What were the objectives and are the results obtained satisfactory to you?

Through this challenge, we wanted to stimulate the market by considerably improving the product presence at all levels of the chain with various earning mechanisms for our customers. We obtained satisfactory results and understood that the quality of the prizes (Luxury cars, motorcycles, checks, etc.) put into play made it possible to further motivate the partners whose broad smile today betrays their immense satisfaction and therefore, ours.

3. Through these awards, what message do you want to convey to the distribution chain?

Beyond the strong symbolic value of the prizes, it is the expression of our gratitude towards the partners for their trust. Several of them have worked with us for many years, it is a message of assurance as to the support and accompaniment that we will continue to provide them. We are now unbeatable on all terrains thanks to them. We are committed to growing with them and continuing to provide quality service to all of our customers, because our customers are their customers.

Interview by David Eyenguè